Today is Valentines day! No one likes an old, unattractive site. Bring yours up to speed with my 3 website features to make your visitors swoon!

Good UI (User Interface)

What this means is your website looks good and is easy to use. Theres no clutter on your website and people can navigate around it quite easily. Each one of your web pages serves an obvious purpose and the information on there is easily digestible. There’s no walls of text or cluttered graphics. Humans are naturally attracted to things that look good so if your website is old and clunky it’s going to put people off.

Fast loading

People are demanding more from the web these dates and people are expecting sites to load instantly. No one is going to hang around waiting for your website if it’s loading really slow so it’s gotta be fast otherwise you could lose out on potential leads and sales.

SSL Certificate

You need an SSL certificate on your website if you want your visitors to trust you. This is a little green padlock on your URL that tells people your website is safe to use.

You can find out more about SSL certificates in my previous video