Got the traffic but struggling to get the conversions you want? Here’s 3 reasons why your site might not be working to bring those oh so sweet dream clients your way:


You’re not selling the transformation

The reason people buy into something is because it’s a) solving a problem they no longer wish to deal with and/or b) it helps them achieve a desire of theirs.

So acknowledge this on your website. Don’t waffle on about your experience. Tell them what they get from working with you. What would life look like for your clients after they have your service or product. What are the tangible results (money, time, health etc) and how will this show up in their day to day lives? (more money in the bank, not stressing over bills etc).


You don’t have a clear CTA (Call to action)

You’ve painted the transformation and now your dream clients are ready to buy. Fantastic! But do they know what to do next?

A CTA (call to action) directly speaks to your site visitor and tells them what to do next. Whether it’s ‘Get in touch’, ‘Book a free consultation’, ‘Check out the latest collection’ or ‘Fill out our contact form’, you need to instruct your potential customer on where to go next.

And make it stand out! The amount of times I’ve scrolled through someones site only to find their call to action is a small text link under a large paragraph of text!

If you had a packet of blue smarties, but only one red one – you’d notice the red one first. It’s the same for CTAs – choose something that stands out against your brand colours and make it obvious what your dream clients can do next to start the process of working with you.


You don’t look the part

If you’re trying to sell to high end clients but your website looks outdated and amateur then there’s a disconnect. Your website isn’t in alignment with the clients you want to attract and so on an instinctive level, they don’t feel as though you are the right person for them.

People also buy based on emotions and so you can say all the right things and have the perfect product but if you don’t look like a good fit, people won’t be jumping over the moon to work with you.

When you look the part, it’s the last piece of the puzzle that ignites that burning desire in someone that makes them feel like “OMG, SHE IS THE ONE I NEED! I just HAVE to work with HER”.

90% of the dream clients I sign up always start their emails with something along the lines of “I LOVE your style and really want to work with YOU specifically”.


Ready to upgrade?

If you’ve got the website traffic but not the website leads, bookings and sales you want then head over to my work with me form and let’s turn your site into a lead-generating, dream client attracting, money making machine!