Facebook has added a ‘little’ change to it’s news feed algorithm recently by making business posts less prominent.

This is to encourage more engagement amongst family and friends, and whilst this is a small step towards making social media more…well social, it has left business feeling a little unnerved, particularly small, independent brands.

Facebook are always pressuring brand pages to pay for post boosting, which advertises posts in the news feed of your target audience. But small businesses are burnt again as a smaller budget means less advertising.

Post boosts, without a tonne of funds behind them, are already limited. And now the outreach will be limited even more. So how can can businesses stay ahead of this change? Here are 5 tips to consider:

Create engaging content

When you put out useful and interesting content, people will be more willing to share it and tag their connections, leading to an increased post reach and exposure to your brand without any boosting. Think about content that teaches something new, sparks debate or simply puts a smile on peoples faces.

Video content

Statistically, videos perform better on Facebook than any other media and are great for engaging people quickly. The content of your videos needs to be interesting to peak peoples interest so video alone is not the answer. But something to consider in your marketing strategy. People also watch videos on mute more often than with sound so bare that in mind.

Run competitions

Incentives such as a free product giveaway or coupon for your service in exchange for likes, shares and tags can be a fun and effective way to grow your brands exposure. Advertise competitions on your website and other social pages can also be a great way to encourage your existing network of connections to follow your business on Facebook.

Focus on relevant networks first

Businesses often feel they should be on as many social networks as possible to be successful. And whilst more networks provide more outreach opportunities, it’s better to have a couple of really high quality social pages instead of 5 semi-active pages you struggle to maintain.

Focus on crafting a quality social media presence with the most relevant networks. Instagram and Pinterest are perfect for product selling whilst Linked In may be a great lead generator for service based businesses. With Facebook outreach at an all time low for business, ask yourself – do you even need it? Could your marketing efforts be best spend elsewhere?

Turn your website into a social hub

With more businesses relying on social media as their ‘comment section’ for their website content, Google will be giving SEO brownie points for businesses who generate comments on their websites instead. Now is a great time to focus on generating returning website visitors by moving away from Facebook and bringing the discussion to your web content.