When a potential client lands on your website, how do you want them to feel? Excited? Super fired up and raring to work with you? Maybe frustration? They’re current problem is too big to ignore and they simply must get in touch with you now!

We like to believe our buying decisions are based on logic, competitor analysis, and a well concluded ’to buy, or not to buy’ list. But instead, our buying decisions are 95% based on emotion.

So when said potential client lands on your website and feels happiness, joy, excitement – that’s when fireworks happen (AKA they get the “I HAVE TO BUY FROM YOU” feeling)!


How do we spark website joy?

Firstly we need an attractive website.

It doesn’t need to be flash, but it does need to look clean and professional as people will make a judgement about your company in 0.05 seconds based on the overall ‘look and feel’.

Get the design looking good and your half way there! Next, ask yourself the following questions:


What emotion do you want people to feel when they explore your website?

This emotion will persuade people to take action. Think about whether you want them to feel…

Personally, I like to make my audience feel excited about the possibility of working together however provoking frustration or fear might be more aligned with your brand.

Either way, it’s important to note down and focus on what emotional response you want to create.


What parts of my personality can I infuse in my brand?

An easy way to connect to people emotionally is to show off your own personality. People experience joy when they find someone who is similar and shares the same values.

One of the 6 principles of persuasion is actually likeness. This is why the phrase ‘your vibe attracts your tribe’ is so true.


How can I communicate my message clearly and effectively?

Think about the message you want to communicate and how you can get that across by using as little words as possible.

People don’t read a lot online. They’d much rather skim content to get the information they need fast so get your message across pronto.

Use small, bold statements and power words to create impact and ignite your desired emotional response.

Also use images to complement your text and represent your brand. Go through your current website images and think abut what vibes they’re giving off.

A pictures says a thousand words so think about how and where these can be used to convey your message without text.

How do my brand colours make people feel?

Remember that colours create moods and are incredibly powerful for making us feel a certain way.

Think about what your brand colours represent and how they’ll make people feel.

You can always use your branding colour interchangeably for different launches, messages and campaigns.

For example, I use more black when I want to signify luxury and exclusivity. I use more pink when I want to express creativity, fun and excitement.

The fireworks don’t have to end

You’ve sparked emotion on your website which is fantastic but match that vibe in your biz until it’s ingrained in everything you do.

Carry that feeling in the way you deal with clients, launch new products and advertise on social media, and triggering the desired emotional response you want for your dream clients will become second nature.

If you want more tips to spark website joy for you and your audience then join the website wisdom club below.