Some clients come to me because their website isn’t bringing them enquires. Some clients come to me because they want to sell items on their website. And some clients come to me because their website is old and needs updating. But there’s one reason my clients come to me that they all have in common:

Their website doesn’t ‘feel’ like them.

We’ve all been there right? That awkward moment when we slide over our business card only to say “Please don’t judge me buy my website”. Except that’s exactly what that potential client is gonna do!

Thing is, having a website that grates on you can be a serious business buzz kill that holds you back from getting leads and landing dream clients. Here’s why:

You don’t market as effectively. Sometimes not at all.


I’ve seen clients of mine go from hiding in the dark to marketing pro once they had a website that represents them, which lead to much more traffic and enquires to their biz.

Even when you are marketing, there’s a part of you that’s holding back. You almost don’t want people to find you, because then they’ll look at the website of yours and that’s not a true representation of your biz.

You don’t lead people back to your website, where crucial sales happen.

Because you don’t market yourself fully (thanks to the constant fear of website shame) you don’t lead people back to your website once they’ve discovered you.

Your website should be your primary tool for signing up new clients though. It’s defiantly the most powerful business tool at your disposal as a whopping 75% of clients will make their judgement of your business and decide of whether they want to buy from you or not.

Social media alone is just not as effective and a totally risky business strategy too!

You spend time overcompensating with social media.


Lead gen can be hard enough as it is but on your website, you have your tried and tested sales funnel set up and you’re always moving potential clients from discovering you to buy now, sign up or book a call.

When you’re unhappy with your site, you overcompensate on social media, spending countless hours trying to implement marketing tactics that’ll have people booking a call with you.

Here’s the thing though. Social media is not as effective and with such a short life span for posts, you have to overcompensate by posting ALL.THE.TIME just to keep peoples eyes on your biz.

With your website, lead gen isn’t as demanding as that and a few good quality posts that send people to your website is more than enough to get people booking in with you.

You end up attracting the wrong clients.

Like attracts like and your website is the prime place to attract those high-end dream clients that you wanna work with. If your website looks a bit rusty and unprofessional, you are not going to attract high-end.

And when the website doesn’t feel like you or your brand, you’ll attract people who are not right for you or your brand either.

Generally brings you down.

When I speak to a potential client about how their website doesn’t feel like them, they really seem down about. It becomes this extra heavy weight on their shoulders holding them back. Website shame can be a real serious business buzz kill:

Whether you like it or not, people are going to find their way back to your website, and they will make a judgement about you and your business. Own that judgement and put forward something that will knock their socks off and have them desperate to buy from you instantly!

If you’ve been feeling the website shame, book yourself a call with me now and let’s chat about how we can transform that site to something that feels like you again :)