Talk to you today about why marketing your website is so important for your business. Some people have the mentality that if you build it they will come. They create the website, put it along and wait for the visitors to roll in. 

But no one knows it there!  The internet is a huge network of websites, to do this day just under 2 billion websites online. So the chances of someone stumbling onto your website is like finding a needle in a billion haystacks. So it’s really important that you market your website in order to reach your audience.

With all those websites out there, theres gonna be a lot of rubbish too. A lot of spam and dodgy sites. So another reason marketing is important is it builds confidence in your business – it separates you from this spam, people can see that your business is active and is more likely to engage with you.

There’s also a lot of what we call cobwebs – these are sites that still have old content – posts from 2005 – they’ve just been forgot about and neglected. So again marketing helps separate your business from this.

 If your website hasn’t been updated, you don’t have active social media, can’t find on Google – people will question whether your business still exists and be a lot more anxious about buying from you or visit your premises.

When you do market your website, a really important part of this is finding out what works for your business. Only by putting stuff out there do learn what resonates with your audience. What kind of content and language brings them in, what makes them want to buy from you. 

So it’s really important to market your website online. If you haven’t already, I suggest setting up social media pages like Twitter or Instagram as this probably the quickest form of free marketing.