I’ve recently opened up spots for my VIP Results Reviews and I just LOVE gifting business owners the knowledge of how to get more sales through their website.

I’m sure you’ve probably heard about my Results Boosting Website Reviews by now! Oh you haven’t?? I’ll remind you ;)

In these beaut reviews, I comb through your entire website and point out the areas to improve that are gonna impact your bottom line

AKA get you more website sales, sign ups, enquires, bookings, dream clients etc.

And today I wanna share with you the 2 most common website mistakes I see.

These culprits can have a big impact on whether people click ‘book a call’ or the X on their browser tab!

1) Disengaging copy

Copy that is too long, too vague and too focused on your business instead of your clients is NOT going to sell for you. What do your client’s want? What do they need? What problems do they face? What REAL WORLD benefits can they expect to see that they can VISUALISE?

It needs to be relatable so your dream clients can see how your service fits into their lives.

Instead of “I’m a VA and I’ll give you more time in your day”


“You’ll finally be able to tick off those tasks that have been cluttering up your diary”

See how the latter is more relatable and you can now VISUALISE how that service would fit into your life?

2) Lack of call-to-actions

You’ve gotta lead people around your website like you’re herding a flock of sheep and you do this by putting appropriate call-to-action (CTA) buttons around your site such as “Book a call”, “Buy now”, “Find out more about me” or “View my portfolio”.

Once they’ve finished reading your homepage intro….

Or scrolled through your portfolio gallery…

Or read your “About Me” page…

Or browsed through your services…

Where do you want them to go / what do you want them to do?

All too often I see business owners NOT leading people around their website so their audience is left to aimlessly scroll through.

And in extreme cases – not adding any conversion buttons to say BOOK A CALL, BUY NOW, CONTACT ME.

You want the sale? You gotta ask! And that means prompting people to start the buying process!

I hope these tips bring you some clarity

and if you want to know how to sign up more dream clients and make more cash from your website grab your personalised Results Boosting Website Review.