If you’re struggling to attract the right kind of clients for your business through your website, you know the ones… the one’s who pay up front, respect your boundaries and are just a pure joy to work with…here are 5 questions you should ask yourself to decipher why that is.

1. Does my website look high end?

Want high-end, pay in full clients? Your website needs to look high-end in order to attract high end!

2. Will my dream clients find this exciting?

When you land on your website, does it light you up or make you feel flat? If it’s the latter, that’s probs what your ICA feels when they land on it too.

3. Does it represent me?

If your website is like a watered down version of you, it’s gonna attract watered down less than dream clients. You want people to land on your site thinking “omg THIS IS THE GIRL I WANT!”

4. Do I have a style?

If you want quirky, creative clients but your website looks corporate or generic, it’s not gonna attract the right crowd. Align your website and show off the projects you want MORE of.

5. Does it paint the transformation?

You can have all those above in place but if it’s not painting a picture of what life would be like after working with you then your site will fall flat on it’s face. What are the tangible benefits clients get from working with you? More money, more time, better health etc etc. People pay for the results so show off what you can do.


Ready to attract more dream clients through your website?

If those answers above are a resounding no but you’ve taken your current site as far as it can then let’s work together.

Let’s get you your perfect website that actually attracts the clients you want!

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