Adina Kroll

Adina Kroll is high-end sales coach and a QUEEN at smashing sales calls. She has no problem signing up high paying clients and gets leads on social but her website wasn’t doing the same job of attracting high-end leads.

As a projector, Adina wanted to take a step back from social and get more high-end leads coming to her through her website so we completely revamped it. Now her traffic has doubled and her high-end site is attracting even more high-end leads.

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Adina's previous website was a usability nightmare. It was awkward to use and took her days just to set up a landing page! ⁣

She’d sink frustrating hours and hours into the site just to get it to do 1 thing when she’d rather spend that time working on her business or taking the afternoon off!

The design of the site didn’t help either. It looked outdated and wasn’t showing off her brand as the high-end business coach she is.

It wasn’t getting traffic or leads and desperately needed a refresh.


Now Adina can set up landing pages in seconds, launch new services within minutes and not spend hours of her working day faffing around and complaining about her website!

And because her website is custom made, she’s now able to implement things that didn’t work or look good on her previous site such as new sign up forms.

We’ve injected a lot of personality into her new website and given it the high-end style that matches Adina’s business. Now she’s doubled her traffic and it helps her bring in more high-end, premium client leads.

...my website traffic has doubled!

“I’ve always hated having people come to my website! It didn’t look high-end and was awkward to use. It took me days to set up pages and I spent years trying to perfect the design.

That’s why I teamed up with This is Eloise to cut out what took me 2-3 years to do! Now I can set up pages in minutes!! Not only has she created something that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE but my website traffic has doubled and my website is now attracting the high ticket clients I want!”

Adina Kroll, Business coach and high-end sales expert
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