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Anna Londei

Anna Londei – a much needed revamp to sell products and increase income streams.

Anna’s original website was in desperate need of a revamp. It wasn’t getting her any sales or enquires and the outdated look and feel was putting people off.

The outdated build meant Anna found it really difficult to add and edit the site but since launching her modern, slick website, she can make edits with ease, upload and sell more products and has been increasing her income ever since.

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When Anna first came to me she had a website that was very outdated and extremely difficult to use. She wasn’t able to add products onto the site without using HTML code which was confusing and not something Anna wanted to spend her time doing.

She really needed something that would enable her to add and update products with ease, plus make it easy for people to get in touch with custom enquires.

Anna didn’t want to waste time trying to set up a new site by herself and having to learn WordPress or Shopify. Plus she couldn’t find any themes that really represented her funky brand so she fast-tracked to success by hiring me to build her a website that really popped!


Now Anna has a website that’s super easy to use and she can add or edit products in a few minutes! And thanks to her user-friendly website, Anna has been able to set up extra pages and launch new services.

Her website has enabled her to increase her income streams and since launching she’s already had 100’s of sales and enquiries, and her new service has been booked out with ease every month.

The design is something Anna couldn’t be happier with and she’s finally able to promote a website that both her and her customers absolutely LOVE.

...I’ve already had lots of enquires and sales!

Eloise is someone who is so passionate about what she does and her infectious enthusiasm translates itself into her amazing work. I’ve recently launched my website and couldn’t be more pleased. I LOVE the design – it’s just what I was looking for and encapsulates my brand perfectly. I’ve already had lots of enquires and sales, and look forward to the website’s continued success 🙂

Anna, Owner and Founder at Anna Londei
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