Courtney Tarrant

With new changes to her business on the way, Courtney didn’t want to waste anytime faffing about trying to create her own website.

She needed a slick, high-end site to help her build her 6-figure empire and after hiring me to design a show-stopping site she loves, Courtney’s website has been attracting high-end clients ever since.

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The branding from Courtney’s original website was not in line with her vision. What she had in mind was a high-end website that reflected her style.

She wasn’t in love with how the website looked and wanted something with a bit of personality that would wow her high-end clientele. With lots of exciting changes happening in her biz, Courtney decided it was time for a fresh, new website.

Her current website was templated with limited design capabilities and she didn’t want to waste any time wrestling with her website so she hired me to create a show-stopping website that completely infused her personality.


Courtney’s new website has the high-end style that she was looking for and she couldn’t be happier with the design.

When she first saw her new site design, her words were “OMG, it’s me in a website, I LOVE it!”. Courtney finally feels like her website shows off her style and business perfectly.

With a custom design, it includes all the functionality that she wanted and she didn’t have to spend a single afternoon frustratingly staring at her screen, trying to build a new site.

From the moment it launched it started attracting high-end leads and got sign ups to Courtney’s email list nearly everyday! Since launching her new website and biz changes, Courtney’s been unstoppable and is well on her on her way to scaling to six figures.

...people just show up on sales calls now directly from my website!

“I launched my new website and I just LOVE it! Eloise is the very best at website design and has given me some amazing feedback in the process of my site. She’s created something for me that I LOVE and people just show up on sales calls now directly from my website! It’s amazing! She’s basically magic and you’ll love her.”

Courtney Tarrant, FaceBook ads expert
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