Heart Your Body

Judi from Heart Your Body is a body confidence coach who wasn’t feeling so confident about her website. With a tonne of traffic coming in but low conversion rate, Judi knew it was time for a revamp.

After working together, Judi now has a revamped website that not only feels more in line with her high-end brand but is attracting more of the right clients for her business.

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After years of DIY’in, Judi was fed up of her templated site and wanted something that was really going to wow her audience.

With lots of traffic coming in and not a lot of conversions to show for it, Judi knew it was time to say goodbye to her site that just wasn’t working for her business and hello to a glamorous website that positioned her as a high-end brand and attracted the dream clients she wanted with ease!


Now Judi has beautiful, more professional website that stuns!

Not only is she over the moon with the website design, but the site is now bringing her more of those “perfect-fit-for-her-program” dream clients.

Judi is now signing up more of the right clients with ease and no longer feels frustrated with her website. She has just the professional, slick website that’s perfect for her business.

I am definitely becoming more of a dream client attracting machine...

I am over the moon with my website and have had lots of lovely comments about it! I am definitely becoming more of a dream client attracting machine and have already signed up clients who are a better fit for my programme than some of the leads I was getting before.

I’m consistently getting around 15 sign-ups per month, had an inquiry about doing a virtual workshop for the Met Police and was interviewed by The Guardian – all thanks to my awesome new website!

Judi, Heart Your Body
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