You’ve got your DIY website from Wix, SquareSpace or some other web building platform. It’s done you well and has been a great starting place but now you’re thinking you might like something professionally made. How do you know if you’re ready to upgrade? Read on to find out…

You want something professional

No matter how much you work on your website, it’s just not looking like that slick professional site you can picture in your mind! It’s still looking DIY and amateur and you know you could attract a better clientele with a professional looking website.

You want something custom

And your DIY builder has limitations or wants an expensive monthly fee to access more functionality. It just doesn’t meet your needs and you’re ready to work with a website expert to get exactly what you want.

You know your offers

When you’re just starting out, it doesn’t make sense to invest in a custom website straight away. Because unless you know exactly what you want, your business module will chop and change quite regularly. It’s best to wait until your business has settled and established itself.

You’re not switching from one offer to the next in the hope that something works. You’ve got solid offers in place and you know exactly who your dream clients are. What they want, what their pain points are etc. When you get to that point in your business, that’s when it’s time to invest in a bespoke site.

Your marketing

You’ve already got an engaged audience and enough traffic going to your site. If you find yourself getting lots of hits and clicks but want more leads in your inbox then you have a web design problem which a professional web designer can fix for you.

If you’re not marketing your business then it’s not the right for you to invest in a custom website because it won’t get you results if you don’t drive traffic to it.

However, if you’re not marketing because you’re too embarrassed by your website then a professional web designer can get you attracting more leads and the confidence to show up and market.

Your income has plateaued

Your site is just no longer aligned with those next level clients who’ll help you reach your income goals. This is why hiring a web designer is a logical next step because instead of hustling more, a high-end website will attract better paying clients. So you can take more pay in full payments and align your prices to your high-end positioning.

Your mindset is on top form

You know you get results for your clients and are worthy of more income. It’s just your website that needs to align! It’s true when they say “mindset is everything” so if you’ve not prioritised this, it will seep into everything you do – including your site!

And the reverse is true so if your mindset is in top form, you’ll exude that energy into your new professional website.

You don’t have the time

You’ve got better things to do and would love to do literally anything else than work on your website! If your business is growing and working on your website is taking up valuable time then it’ll be much easier to have a web designer as part of your team.

Are you ready to drop your DIY?

If you’re nodding along with most of the above then you are ready for a bespoke, professional website. And if you’d like to hire me as your web designer, head over to my Work With Me form to request a quote.