Here’s an unpopular opinion for you:

You should NOT build your WordPress website yourself. Don’t use it if you’re not a web developer or haven’t hired one.

I’ve seen lots of web designers talking about WP lately and how it’s the best choice for your website because it’s flexible, scalable, easy to use and you can do anything with it.

That’s completely true. But it’s also the problem!

It’s so VAST!

Think of Wix and SquareSpace like The Sims. You remember the Sims right?

You get given the house and your furniture and your street to live on and anything else you want to add is already made for you. You just pick it out and decide where to put it.

WordPress on the other hand is Minecraft.

You don’t pick and choose from pre-built templates. You build EVERYTHING!

(And good, easy to understand instruction manuals on how to build are far and few in between!)

So WordPress can look and act any which way you decide to build it.

It can be built beautifully <3

But it can also be built badly and from my experience, I’ve seen a LOT of badly built WP sites.

There are a lot of cowboy web “developers” who know enough about WP to be dangerous! (A rant for another day lol!)

I’ve seen intuitive, well built templates get increasingly complex by the use of a tonne of plugins.

Or simplistic sites that are difficult to update because they’ve been bogged down by a template builder framework like Elementor or Divi.

The amount of times my clients have come to me because they couldn’t change a picture without deleting a load of other content too! GAH! It’s like using a Word Document all over again!!

WordPress comes with a huge learning curve and I’ve seen so many business owners wasting so much time researching 5 different plugins before FINALLY finding one that does that really simple thing they wanted.

If you’ve found WordPress smooth sailing…

Then I salute you (although I bet you’ve got lucky with a nice theme)

But most of the time, WP has a bad rep for being clunky, difficult to use and a down right pain in the a$$.

I love using WP (because I’m ACTUALLY a developer who codes!) but after seeing all the turmoil that business owners experience when using it, I really do believe it’s better to leave WP to the pros.

If WP is the best option for your business, save yourself the time and agro by adding a WP specialist to your team if you want a site that’s build as beautifully as it looks.

And go focus on YOUR zone of genius which is NOT stressing over your website.

(I KNOW you can do it on your own Sharon but I don’t want you to waste anymore of your time! ;) )

If you’re done stressing over WordPress…

Then get in touch. Stop wasting any more time and fast track to a high-converting, high-end site that’s easy to use and easily gets you more results.

“…it was awkward to use. It took me days to set up pages and I spent years trying to perfect the design. That’s why I teamed up with This is Eloise to cut out what took me 2-3 years to do! Now I can set up pages in minutes!!” Adina Kroll, Business Coach and Sales Expert

“It took me the best part of a year to get my website sorted but when I worked with Eloise, we got it launched in just over a month!”  Célinou D’amour, Cocolico Patisserie