Want to book in high paying clients that you LOVE working with but getting boring, uninspiring and ‘can you do all this for £200?’ leads landing in your inbox?⁣ We seriously need to talk! ⁣

⁣You know you provide a 5 star service but your website isn’t attracting the high end cliental you hoped for. What you envisioned was:⁣

✅ Leads from your website flooding into your inbox.⁣

✅ Leads from people you’d LOVE to work with, with exciting projects that you can’t wait to start on.⁣

✅ Leads from high end entrepreneurs who are willing to spend big money to get the exceptional service they need —> the very service you provide!⁣

Your vibe attracts your tribe so think about your websites vibe and what impression it’s giving off that could be stopping dream leads landing in your inbox. Here’s 5 things to consider:

Is your messaging clear?

Sometimes our messaging isn’t clear and when we don’t define are niche we end up attracting everyone and anyone. We don’t want this because we want dream leads, not boring ones!

We also want people to be excited about working with us so we need to be clear on the benefits to the user. Too many businesses WE all over their website.

In order to avoid this, make sure you use the magical formula on your home page:
– what you do
– how you do it for
– tangible benefits

Do you have an obvious CTA (Call To Action)?

I get loads of people asking me why their website isn’t getting them call bookings in the diary. I go to said website, look around for a bit and have no idea how I can actually book a call.

I dig deeper into the website and eventually I find a call booking linking at the end of one page, usually after shifting through a text wall memoir of the business owners entire life story.

How are people supposed to find your call link when it’s buried? People skim websites. Less (text wall) conversation, a little more (call-to-) action please. What’s the one thing you want people to do and how can you make that obvious to them?

Your website’s boring

It’s not that your website is bad…it’s just not great either! It’s not doing a good job of representing you and your brand and you look no different than the next person offering the same services.

Remember the phrase “like attracts like”? Or how about “your vibe attracts your tribe”? If your website is as bland as unsweetened porridge, then you won’t be giving anyone that “OMG, Who is this girl?? I wanna buy from her NOW!” feeling.

Which is precisely the feeling your dream clients need to feel in order to willingly book themselves into your sales call diary. Everyone will like you but no one will love you.

Your website looks cheap

If you’re constantly getting leads from people who can’t afford your services then ask yourself if your website looks on par with the dream clients who can afford you. Because when you look expensive, people will assume you are expensive, and anyone who wants to invest big will not want to spend it on someone who doesn’t look shit hot.

Your website is your virtual shop window. What impression is it creating? There’s a reason why businesses spend big bucks on shop window displays because it signals to passes by that what’s inside, is pretty damn good and worth a lot.

Your not getting enough traffic

Have a look at your analytics. If you’re barley getting any traffic then you’re just not being visible enough or in the right places online.

Thing is, most of my clients come to me because they have website shame. Their website is not up to scratch, it doesn’t represent them and therefore they don’t want to show it off. They don’t market as much and don’t send enough people back to their website. Not enough traffic = not enough leads.

If you’re deliberately (even subconsciously) preventing leading people back to your website then it might be time for an upgrade. You need a website to be so proud of that you want to shove it under everyones eyeballs.

Want your website to attract more dream clients?

If you’re done with your boring website that’s doing sweet FA, shoot me some details here and let’s work together to get you a website that works!⁣

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