If you get a website enquiry, only to see it’s from a sales person cheekily using your work with me form to pitch, or a business who isn’t in your ideal niche, or if you only get these website ‘work with me’ enquiries a handful of times per year…then we need to talk!

You don’t have to settle for a website that’s not contributing to your business success. You’ve got amazing, life changing offers to share with the world and a dream client base who rant and rave about you! But your website doesn’t play a big part in that and I’m here to turn that around!

Ready to level up your website and draw in the clientele you truly desire. Here’s how to make it happen:

Define Your Ideal Client

First things first, get crystal clear on who your ideal client is. Understand what problems they’re having, what they desire and how your offers help solve these problems and get them to where they what to be. Understanding your dream clients inside and out will guide you on every aspect of your website – from creating copy to the offers you present to the work and results you show off.

Show off relevant projects and results

I know its tempting to put everything and anything on your portfolio but less is more! Showing off too many different types of projects with different types of results can dilute your message so keep it simple and only add to your portfolio the projects you want to get more of and the projects that saw the best results that your dream clients are looking to gain for themselves.

That’s a sure fire way to get them feeling like YOU are the expert they need to hire!

Leverage Social Proof

Testimonials, reviews, and case studies from existing dream clients are gold. They build trust and credibility, showing potential clients the real, tangible benefits of working with you. But again, make sure to pick out the best testimonials from the clients you want more of and make sure to dot these about your website to reenforce your message.

Craft website Content that moves your people

Your content should resonate with your dream clients so avoid any aligned language. For example high paying clients are not going to be attracted to ‘affordable’ solutions.

You can also use your headings to get your people excited about working with you. For example the heading “ Prices” is neutral and doesn’t spark a reaction. Where as “The investment to your highest paying month starts here” sounds more exciting and inviting! If people feel excited about working with you…they’re more likely to click that ‘book a call’ button.

Regularly Review and Update

Keep your website fresh and up-to-date. Regularly check in to review your website content and design to ensure it accurately represents your business and aligns with your goals and target clientele. It’s easy to put it on the back burner but before you know it, 4 years have past and your website doesn’t show off the version of you now that’s selling more premium offers and attracting higher level clients.

Elevate your Website Design

You can do all the things but if your template or DIY website is looking a bit too DIY for the premium services you’re offering then it’s time to upgrade your web design. Because even with the best copy, glossiest photoshoot and luxurious offers, if your web design doesn’t match up to that same standard, it’s going to leave people doubting your expertise and wondering if you really are the go-to hire in your field.

Instead when they land on your website and it looks as premium as the services you offer, those high-level clients will feel at home with you and have no doubt that you are the expert they need to work with. Jumping into your inbox and offers becomes a no-brainer!

Ready to Attract more Premium Clients through Your Website?

Follow these steps above and you’ll attract the kind of clients who not only value your work but are also willing to invest in it. Remember, a high-end website is about mirroring your high end clients, your 5 star services and positioning yourself as the go-to expert in your field so those higher level clients have no doubt in their mind that you are the hire for them.

And if you’ve worked on your website 1000s times and ready to enlist the help of a professional then check out my services to see how we can work together.