Here’s the thing: On almost every website review I’ve done, I’ve had to remind clients to add their Call to Actions (CTAs) in a way that’s clear and obvious.

Because if you don’t ask for the sale, you’re missing out on the sale!

What’s a CTA, Anyway?

A CTA is a button or prompt that asks your website visitors to take action – whether that’s booking a call, joining your programme, or sending you a message. If you leave off CTAs, hide them, or make them hard to spot, you’re basically not asking for the sale. You’re getting your visitors all excited about your amazing offer, they’re ready to say, “Take my money!” only to leave them hanging.

With no clear next step, they’re left wondering what to do next, and if they can’t figure it out, they’ll click off your site.

Your CTA Needs to Be Obvious

Your CTA should be at the top of your website pages, clear and impossible to miss. People skim through websites, and if they can’t quickly find what they need, they’ll move on.

Remember, visitors aren’t always browsing your site fresh as a daisy with a coffee in hand. They could be in bed at 2am, waiting for a friend, or in a noisy cafe. Your CTA needs to be so clear that even someone casually flicking through your site can’t miss it.

The Power of Placement

Your CTAs should be at the top of your pages so visitors know exactly where to go when they’re ready to take action. Imagine walking into a shop and the checkouts are right at the front. Do you think, “Ew, that’s so salesy,” or do you think, “Great, I know where to go when I’m ready to buy”?

Now think about big stores where you can’t find the checkout. You’ve got your items in hand, but you’re wandering around confused as to where to go. You start to question if what you want is worth the hassle. The same thing happens on your website. If visitors can’t find the next step, they’ll start to wonder if your offer is worth the effort.

Those thoughts don’t exactly give your potential clients the excitement and certainty you want them to experience at the start of your working relationship. And in most cases, instead of clicking to take action towards your offer…they’ll just leave instead.

I don’t want that for you so, make sure your CTA is obvious and at the top of your website pages. Avoid hiding your CTA at the bottom of the page or in an obscure text link. It needs to stand out and be easily accessible.

Even if they don’t click it straight away, it signals to them that when they’re ready to take action, you’ve got them covered. They’ll know exactly what to do instead of wandering around your site, confused.

Want More Tips?

I have plenty more strategies for encouraging clicks on your CTAs inside my Create & Convert course. In fact, there’s a whole module dedicated to maximising clicks on your buttons so get access now if you want to increase your CTA clicks.

Otherwise, just remember: an obvious CTA at the top of your pages can really boost your conversion rate. Too often, business owners hide their CTA at the bottom of the page or as a tiny text link. Don’t let that be you. Make it clear, make it bold, and watch your conversions grow. This simple change can make a big difference in your conversion rates. Don’t let your visitors wander away—guide them clearly and watch your conversions grow.