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Hello, 👋 I’m Eloise and I’ve been designing/building websites for the past 20 YEARS! I love working with BOLD female entrepreneurs to EXPAND their brand and get them more sales, sign ups and bookings with a high-converting website.

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High-End Websites

For bold entrepreneurs who are done DIYin! Get more sales, sign ups, call bookings and enquires in your inbox with a website that wows! Goodbye ‘please don’t judge me by my website’ shame! You’ll finally have that website that feels like you as I perfectly encapsulate your business in a website.

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I am definitely becoming more of a dream client attracting machine...

"I am over the moon with my website and have had lots of lovely comments about it! I am definitely becoming more of a dream client attracting machine and have already signed up clients who are a better fit for my programme than some of the leads I was getting before.

I’m consistently getting around 15 sign-ups per month, had an inquiry about doing a virtual workshop for the Met Police and was interviewed by The Guardian - all thanks to my awesome new website!"

Judi, Heart Your Body, Body confidence coach

Lead boosting website review

Forget trying to work it out on your own. Save time and sanity by grabbing a lead boosting website review. You’ll get a personalised video review from a professional web design expert (that’s me!) with clear, implementable tips to improve your website to help you boost those leads and/or sales.

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"I’ve always hated having people come to my website! It didn’t look high-end and was awkward to use. It took me days to set up pages and I spent years trying to perfect the design.

That’s why I teamed up with This is Eloise to cut out what took me 2-3 years to do! Now I can set up pages in minutes!! Not only has she created something that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE but my website traffic has doubled too!"

Adina Kroll, Business coach and high-end sales expert
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