Ah 2019! A new year, new you, fresh start and all that jazz. But if you are a business owner this is the perfect time to review your goals and visualise what your year ahead will look like.

People often don’t utilise the biggest business tool they have – their website! They just chuck something up online quickly, thinking “that’ll do” and pray for the money to come in. Does this sound familiar? If you want to make 2019 ‘your year’ then I’m sorry that attitude isn’t going to wash missy! ;)

Get up, wash your face and grab a coffee because it’s time your website got some much needed attention. Let’s start with a quick review. Here’s four questions to ask yourself about your website to see if it’s working for you. In 2018, did your website…

Bring you leads?

If your website isn’t brining in the leads, it maybe time to think about a redesign or getting a new one. Bad news is there’s a number of things that can prevent leads such as bad design, unclear copy/offering or hiding contact details.

But the good news is there’s also LOTS of ways your website can bring in leads too. Make it easy for people to get in touch, collect emails via a newsletter sign up, blog helpful advice.

Bonus! Add a lead magnet to your site. This is a little freebie or gift that you can exchange for an email address. It doesn’t have to take for ever. Think helpful PDF article, stock images, icons, 10% discounts etc.

Make you money?

Your website should be landing you new clients or making sales. If it’s not then it’s time to review! I mean you do want your website to bring you new clients and sales right? It could be your web design is outdated and not showing you off in the best light. You may have web development errors that scare people away and cost you sales.

Review the site. Go through each page and check for errors. And go through the site as if you were a customer yourself. How easy is it to navigate around? Is the copy clear? Are the images helpful? Get an extra pair of eyes and ask friends, family and post on Facebook for feedback (I have found FB groups to be particularly helpful).

If that doesn’t help or you don’t have time to review then check out my Lead Boosting Website Reviews.

Attracted the right audience?

Are the projects you’re working on fun? Do you like your clients and enjoy talking to them? If the answers are no then it sounds like you could do with new clients! After all, we did become self employed to pick and choose our projects right? As well as work with like minded people.

Your website can help to attract your dream projects and clients. It’s all about your brand and your positioning. If you’re not bringing in the right audience then you may need to ask if your website…

Defined your brand?

Do you like your website? Does it feel like you? Does it tell your story and resonate with people? See, when it comes to us creative services like designers, photographers, copyrighters, coaches etc, what we do isn’t really any different from our competitors. What does make us unique is ourselves and our business brand.

People want to want with likeminded people and by defining a brand that feels right for you, you’ll attract the RIGHT audience and find people who LOVE what you do. People who want to buy into your services and products instantly!

Also, if YOU don’t love your website, you won’t market your website. And if you don’t market your website, you won’t get those leads and sales.

Website Review

Your website should be selling for you. It needs to bring in the leads, make those sales, attract your dream client and define your brand. If it’s not, then something needs to change. It’s a new year and whilst you’re sitting down to plan your 2019 goals, make time to review your website as well. And if you really don’t have the time, or feeling stuck and need professional advice, then check out my Lead Boosting Website Reviews.

Good luck, best wishes and here’s to Happy New Year! X