If you’re a business owner, it’s probably safe to assume you are using social media to market your business right?

Whilst I see a lot of businesses using social media, what I don’t see often is businesses using it to drive website traffic.

Some of my clients come to me and say “Eloise, I’ve got a good following but my traffic is so low!”. But when I review their website and marketing channels, I don’t see them pushing their audience towards their website at all!

Showing up on FaceBook, Instagram or ‘insert social media channel of choice here’ is good. But what’s even better is when you actively make an effort to drive people towards your website. That’s when the traffic numbers jump up.

You might get some curious cats, who when looking at your profile, click the website link in your bio. But most people won’t bother, unless you specifically ask and give them a compelling reason to do so.

So if you’re ready to drive more traffic to your website from your social feeds then read on for 4 traffic boosting post ideas that’ll turn your people from follower to website link clicker…


Free downloadable guides

Who doesn’t love a glossy, value packed freebie! Free downloable PDF’s are perfect to entice your people to sign up to your email list….AND visit your website too!

I have a whole section on my website dedicated to my freebie downloads and each one has its own landing page so I can direct people there from social media.

Once they’ve signed up, you can direct people to other pages of your website too like service pages or a ‘book a call’ landing page – you never know, that curious social media follower might just turn into a really hot lead!


Email sign-up list

You don’t have to always have a lead magnet to talk about your email list. I’m sure your marketing emails are super valuable all on their own! So make sure your reminding your followers over and over what a fun, valuable place your email list is.

AND if you’ve created a whole landing page dedicated to your email list sign up you can direct your follows to this page instead of a random sign up link on MailChimp or something. Because once they’ve signed up, they might just have a nosey around the rest of your site too.



You’ve just written a fantastic blog (like this one). Then what do you do? Tell people about it! But don’t just tell people once!!

Blogs are valuable content so share them over and over again. Not only does this save time in your content creation process but there’s always new people in your audience. Your older content might be super helpful to them.

I have a list of all my blogs and I circle through them on social media over and over again. They’re one of my biggest traffic drivers and some of my older blogs perform really well!



For those of you with a product based business, you can use your products to drive traffic too. Show off your products and then invite people to head to the product page for more info.

They might buy AND look around your site at the same time too. I’ve lost count of the amount of times I saw a gorgeous product on social media and ended up buying multiple products from that company because I had a look around their website whilst I was there.

Want more traffic? You gotta show up and ask!

Once you’ve got people on your website, even if it’s for one specific reason, they might look at that once page OR they might just decide to have a look round and do at your other pages too! Who knows what extra conversions and sales that could lead too.

But you gotta invite people back to your domain if you want that to actually happen so it’s important to market your website – not just your business.

Struggling to market your biz?

If coming up with ways to advertise your business or staying visible is difficult for you then grab my Content Creation Power Pack – an easy-going content creation and social media strategy framework that helps you show up on social media without the overwhelm so you can focus on getting sales and website traffic.