The demands of your business, it’s customers and the internet are forever changing. So it makes sense that websites needs to change too right? Continuous maintenance can ensure longevity and prevent breakdown, but sometimes it gets to that point of no return…

…that point beyond repair, and just like that old boiler, it’s costing you more money fixing all these problems (only to break down again not longer after). Money you could be saving and investing on a new one! But how do you know if you’re at that point? It’s not always easy to tell so I’ve outlined 5 warning signs below for you to see when it’s time to start moving on.

Bugs and Errors are Always Popping up

Probably the most important reason to get a new website. Constant bugs and errors will not only frustrating you, but send customers running away in no time. All those potential leads and sales gone in a single click, so think about how much money you could be making if you invested in a new site?

The occasional bug here and there is bound to happen (nothing, a little maintenance can’t fix). But when constantly running into errors, the site starts to fall over itself. One problem gets fixed whilst another pops up straight after. You change one thing, and another changes too. Sound familiar?

If this is you, don’t spend another penny on your website and get a new one asap, because all those fixes are temporary. It won’t be long before the website falls to bits completely so don’t pump money into a website doomed to fail when you could save for a nice, shiny new one.

The Code is Out of Date

If your websites code is out of date, it’s going to struggle with the current demands of the internet and throw up errors. You’ll likely need a developer to take a look for you and make suggestions, but if you know you’re using Flash, burn it with fire and rebuild!

Also check if your website is responsive. This means it looks right on all screen sizes. The percentage of people using the web on a mobile device is above 50%, but your audience could be much higher so if your website doesn’t look right or work well on a mobile, start thinking about a new one. Google now favours responsive websites also, so you’ll have some search engine brownie points too.

Designed in 2003

This is just going to putting everyone off. No one likes an out of date design. As humans, we’re naturally attracted to things that look good so if your website looks old and tired, it’ll put people off (we’re very superficial when it comes to websites!).

Web design has come a long way since the early 2000s, and if your website design hasn’t changed, it’s likely to be awkward to use, have lots of text, and generally not a pleasant website to scroll and click around in.

A web designer, in fact any designer, isn’t just there to make things pretty, but to make things work. So in the case of your website, a designer will optimise your site to give the customer a more pleasant experience and lead them to your desired action (buy/enquire etc) for a higher conversion rate.

Doesn’t Align With Your Company

Over time you’ll change, your company will change and the way you conduct business will change, so plan for growth and development. Your website needs to reflect where your company’s at and if it doesn’t, if it’s not giving out the right impression, you won’t position your products/services properly or attract the right audience and therefore won’t sell as effectively.

Think about your company values, your ideal audience and the problems your product or service solves for them. If your current website doesn’t reflect any of this, it’s time to redesign your website and position yourself in the right way. A web designer will also help you do this in the best light.

It’s Not Doing it’s Job

A website is there to build trust, create leads and/or make sales. If it’s not doing this then what’s the point? It needs to be fulfilling it’s primary function, otherwise you’re pouring money into something that’s not working.

Play around with the website, experiment, but once it’s got to the point of no return, it’s time to call in a web designer/developer. As said above, design is more than just making things look pretty. It’s about solving problems, and making something that WORKS.

Think about what you want your website to do and think about what you website currently does? Do the two align? If not think about what it would mean for your business if they did? More money? More clients? More time? Just imagine!

It’s Time to Move On

I get it. You and your website have been together a while now and it’s hard to let go but sometimes goodbyes are for the best!

“Now you’re just a website that I used to knowww”

Investing in a website that’s not working for you is a waste. Think about how much money you could make if it was right for you? What if you had 50% more leads and sales? How would that transform your business? If you’re ready to upgrade, send me some deets over on my work with me form and let’s turn your website into a dream client magnet.