I don’t know about you guys but I’ve got total spring fever ATM! I’ve streamlined my website, refined my marketing strategy and even given my house a total declutter!

That moment when you cross off an errand that’s been on your to do list for over a year:


It’s important to give your website a refresh every once in a while. Google loves an updated website and it gives a reason for your network to come back and check in with you. So whilst we’re in the thick of spring, there’s no better time to dust off the cobwebs. Here’s my top tips to spring clean your site:

Update plugins

Your website might use something called a ‘plugin’ (WordPress users especially). These are code and software add-ons that extend your website’s functionality.

Plugin updates often come with bug fixes and increased security measures so it’s super-duper important to keep these updated. If you don’t, you’ll eventually run into errors on your website and leave yourself open to hackers!

Check for broken links

You know when you click a link and it doesn’t work? It takes you to a page that has been moved or deleted? It’s called a 404 error in geek speak.

These ‘404s’ make your website visitors feel lost and confused, and with no clear direction of where to go next, they can be a real lead leaker! Not only that but Google hates them! They can be a huge drain on your SEO efforts.

Thankfully fixing these pesky little 404’s is easy. Use a link checker to find any broken ones and then redirect them to a link that works. If you use WordPress, I recommend using the Redirection plugin.


Incorrect spelling and grammatical errors can be a real turn off for potential customers so have a proofread of your site.

You never know if you’ve typed something wrong, especially if you’ve written content in a hurry. Spellchecker only goes so far and doesn’t pick up grammatical errors or when you’ve used a (correctly spelt) wrong word in a sentence.

Proofreading can also be a big task so get a copywriter involved to save time (or if you’re like me and just don’t want to do it ;) ). It can also be a lot easier for someone else to spot errors as you know what you intended to write and might not spot things as easily.

Review old blog posts

Brush off those dusty old archives and comb through for any content that’s still relevant or useful.You may have evergreen content stashed away which can be used all year round! Have a refresh (any broken or new links that can be updated/added?) and repost.

I get lots of traffic from old blog posts because I post them over and over again. It also means I don’t always have to write a new blog post and gives me plenty of content to post on social media. I know what you’re thinking now – is this a repurposed blog post or a new one…now that would be telling ;-)

Refresh or redesign?

A bit of a polish and spruce up might be all your site needs but in some cases, no amount of dusting and decluttering is going clean up your website.

If your site is under performing and not bringing in the leads and sales you want, it’s time for an overhaul and time to call the professionals in. Out with the old and in with the new and what better time to get started than spring? Request a quote now.