I wanna share an incredibly easy fix to one of the most common website problems that comes up on a review:

How to get more dream client leads!

My clients often come to me because their website isn’t bringing in the right leads (or any leads) and they would love to see more of them in their inbox!

Leads from the clients who pay in full, sign onto your highest package, do the work and get the best results!

Sounds good right? If you want more of these, I want you to ask yourself:

What is your website focusing on?

Are you focused on selling higher packages? Or are you directing people towards your smaller packages?
Are you speak to those PIF clients? Or are you talking to those with smaller budgets?

Let’s look at one of my last clients – we’ll call her J.

J wanted to attract more 1:1 higher package sales but when I reviewed her website and marketing she was directing people to her small bite offers. She wasn’t directing people to her website and when they did land on her website, it was funnelling people to a small priced membership and her big all inclusive package was divided up into individual products.

After she got her Website Review, she stopped driving traffic to her smaller products and started directing people to her website. Then on her website, she stopped focusing on her membership and instead brought the focus back to her 1:1 offer.

She went from getting 5 1:1 client leads per year to 6 client leads in a month! (Impressive right!)

I see this time and time again.

Business owners who want to sign and attract higher paying clients but then only talk about / focus on smaller offers.

Where focus goes, energy flows.

We think it’s easier to sell smaller offers but the reality is you expend the same energy no matter what you’re selling so where do you wanna put that energy?

I’ve also found it LESS effort to sell higher packages as you only need 1 or 2 to reach your money goal where as your small packages you might need to sell 20 – 200 just to make the same amount as 1 high end package!

I always prioritise selling my high offers first and once I’m booked up, then I’ll focus on my smaller packages as a way to expand my income.

So if you’re trying to attract more clients that buy your higher packages, ask yourself:

Put your focus on what you ACTUALLY want to sell and see how that shifts :)


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