1. You are surrounded by competitors

When you search for something on Etsy a load of product listings come up and your competitors products will appear around or above your products.

2. Limited SEO opportunity

Businesses with their own domain (e.g. mywebsite.co.uk) are much more likely to appear higher in the search results pages.

3. Your shop could be gone in an instant

When you rely on an external platform for your business you’re taking a big risk because you have to play by the platforms rules. Etsy could disappear over night or change the way their platform works that hinders your business or suddenly raise their fees by an extortionate amount. If this happens your business could fold overnight.


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4. It’s hard to get your brand across

It’s difficult to tell your brand story on Etsy. Especially during the customer journey. When browsing products, they just see a bunch of listings and no clear differentiation between you and your competitors. How can they know why to choose you over anyone else?

5. You can’t lead customers

On your own website, you can lead customers who aren’t ready to buy from you now into a position where they’re site on your website or on your newsletter, for when they’re ready to buy from you at a later date. You can’t do this with Etsy and any customers checking out your products will get lead to competitors instead.

6. Access to bigger markets

Etsy is a big platform and has millions of people on it. But there’s millions more off Etsy that you could miss out on. Most buyers start their online journey with a quick search on Google. They might need even make it to Etsy before they’ve splashed out of something else. Something that isn’t your product.

7. SOO many fees!

OMG! All your hard work and it’s taken away by Etsy! You have fees for listings, fees for sales and even fees just to be on the platform itself! That’s before PayPal takes their cut. How much could you save in fees alone by having your own website? Would you like to say “BUH-BYEE” to all those ruthless fees?


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8. Limited PR potential

Press is a great way to get your products in front of a large audience. BUT the press prefer to feature  those who have their own domain (mywebsite.com) over someone who has an Etsy link (etsy.com/this/that/1780hduwbRandomNumberHere/mywebsite).

9. You can’t up-sell

Up selling is a really easy and efficient way to gain more sales on your website. It’s basically, when someone buys something, it will shown them similar items, or take them to a next step (newsletter sign up for example). But with Etsy, you can’t do this. Your similar products are going to be chucked in with a competitor product.

10. No newsletter opt in

When a customer buys a product on your website. Once they’ve finished you can sent them to an automatic newsletter opt-in. Something you can’t do with Etsy. A newsletter is great for keeping in contact with your audience and a customer who’s brought from you before, is more likely to buy from you again. So by not having a newsletter, you’re missing out on some serious repeat sales opportunities.


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