How you feeling today? Happy? Tired? Ecstatic? Sick? Joyful? Ready for the holidays?

I’ve been stupidly ill myself! Just when I thought I was better…my fibromyalgia gives me a big kick in the pants that marches my butt right back into bed again!

(thank f@#k for running my own business and taking time off whenever I need)

But it got me thinking about how we can use websites to connect more deeply with our potential buyers and ultimately attract more sales.

That’s right! Ya girl Eloise here doesn’t fret about colds… instead she uses them to connect the dots between illness and website sales! Pahaha!  XD

I want you to ask yourself something:

When my potential clients visit my website, where are they? What mood are they in?

It’s easy to focus your website around yourself – it is YOUR business and YOUR website after all.

But what makes a website truly connect with your people and makes them want to buy is when you consider how it’s going to be received.

Say your targeting stressed out mums…

Their whole world feels like it’s consumed by other peoples wants and needs and just once, wouldn’t it be nice for someone to focus on them?

If you’re website is all about you then it might put them off because they don’t have the capacity to deal with another person rn!

Or let’s say your targeting affluent CEO’s with a busy job and a long commute…

Are they going to really want to read though walls of text after a tough day?

Business owners who are bored of their lives are not going to feel motivated by a boring AF, generic website.

Chronic illness warriors and neurodivergents who are dealing with brain fog, fatigue, anxiety, hyperactivity could be overwhelmed with lots of content and graphics.

REAL WOLRD EXAMPLE: if my ADHD hyperactivity kicks in whilst in a restaurant and the menu has lots of options, colours or graphics on it, I can’t read it because the words move around. My body is buzzing too much for my eyes to stay still and focus.


Your website may be viewed by:

Conditions won’t always be perfect…

So think about your dream clients lives. When are they likely to look through your website? How are they feeling?

See what comes up and see how your website fits into that real world picture.


Done DIY-ing?

If your done with the endless web design tweaking and technical heavy lifting and ready to hire a professional web designer, check out my website services page to find out how I can help you turn your website into a high-end, dream client attracting, sales generating treat machine.