Last week I was advertising my Content Creation Power Pack on IG when someone commented to suggest using AI to create content.

NGL, I was a lil triggered by that comment at first.

“Of course people are just gonna use AI to write content and make websites and take all our jobs!”

But then I remembered I’m not currently using AI for very good reasons I’m sure there’s plenty of other businesses that feel the same as me.

So if you’re worried about a robot stealing your job or wondering whether to use AI for your next website project, here’s some food for thought:

Generic, cookie cutter output

I find AI content generic, surface level and industry focused NOT customer or solution focused. The problems my clients face might be totally different from another web designer and it’s important to be unique in today’s digital landscape. If everyone uses AI, we’ll all start to sound / look the same.

Form over function

I have experimented with AI web design but omg the results wanted to make my cry! XD They were generic AF and weren’t conversion focused.

A website that works is a website that has your unique style and there’s things us web designers do that’ll help boost conversions that these AI websites just weren’t implementing.

Time taking

The whole point of AI is to take time OFF your hands right?? So far I’ve found AI to be more time-consuming than it does save.

The better and more specific question you ask AI, the better the response. But faffing about coming up with and writing that question just to get sub par results returned? No thank you!

Whilst I like the idea of AI, I’m just not finding it helpful for me.

No disrespect to anyone else using it but for me personally, it’s not part of my business at this stage (and maybe never will be).

Your clients still need YOU and your voice and your authentic experience so don’t stress if you feel worried about not using it.

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